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What a great post! I think you meant me feeling well. Kathy is the one who posted for me yesterday! 🙂 I’m better today, thanks! Whew. Very glad of that.

Love the quote!

Go Ana! I’m impressed. I’ve made some book covers in Photoshop that should be banned in all countries and certain parts of the galaxy. 😂YAY YOU!

Holy mackerel, Caro! That’s a lot of words! WOOHOO!

I wonder if we couldn’t do something similar in this group. Like a SIAW, but more structured. I’ll check out Serra’s schedule. Or, if you have it handy, send it my way.

So, for me. I did hit my goal for last week. And I got my first cover roughs! I had a designer do it for me, and she nailed it. Then I asked a PNR author I admire to read my book, which is WAY outside my comfort zone. Seriously. WAY OUT. She said yes and read it in 2 days! She loved it and it was so affirming. So that’s my good news.

Apologies for dropping the ball on you guys this week. I had a flare up accompanied by the nastiest headache and by late morning getting on the computer was difficult. After I posted on Kathy’s post from my phone, I took a coma nap. Feeling bleary, but better today. Again, thank you!


Since I suspect Cathy still isn’t feeling well, I’m going to go ahead and toss this out for everyone.

We’re almost halfway through the year! Share your successes and struggles from last week and your goals for this week.

And because it’s in my head right now, I’ll offer this quote from Oprah Winfrey:

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

Have a good week, everyone.



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