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Caro Kinkead

Cheryl — Duh. Caffeine had clearly not completely kicked in. 🙂

I don’t think Sarra is going to do the challenge again until September. At this moment, I know she has her HB90 Bootcamp this weekend, followed by the Publish and Thrive course, plus she’s moving and is about ready to pop with her baby very soon. As soon as I get a heads up, I’ll let you know.  I think doing a challenge like this group would be a real boon. I’ve done sprints before (I do NaNo, so you do a bunch of sprinting there), but this was absolutely a great way to decide what type of sprints work for you. When I get to revisions next month, I’m going to try it there as well, though that’s going to start with doing 30 minutes of editing, going up to an hour, with a stop at 45 minutes along the way. We’ll see if that works.

And good for you on stepping out your comfort zone to get an author you respect to read your work — and that she loved it? Even better!


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