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Caro Kinkead

It was a productive week. I wrote 16,813 words and am heading into the last third of the book. Will I have it finished by end of June like I hoped? No, but I’m okay with that because there is definitely progress.

I also took Sarra Cannon’s HB90 Bootcamp, which she holds every quarter. It’s a fairly intensive look at where you want to go with your life and how to shape your goals to help get you there. It also helped cut through a bunch of “should dos” that have been hanging around and I think I have a better handle on what I really need to be doing and what I want to be doing. It’s a much more holistic approach to planning than I’ve seen in a lot of places, because there’s a big emphasis on making certain you don’t overload yourself, that you have time for your family and doing the things you love, and that this career should be in support of that. If you’re curious about some of this, check out her Heart Breathings channel on YouTube. I’d been watching those for a good six months before I decided to go ahead and take the course (which was $149, so relatively not expensive, though, yeah, I understand it is for some).

This week? Push through to the end of Act III and finish my Q3 prep. Cheryl, the Kaban Board is coming to life!  I’ll post pictures when it’s done. 🙂


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