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Tanya Sarlanis

Hi Tanya,

It sounds like a great series! I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for, but I’ll give it a shot.

You said Hero3 is in books 1 & 2, so his character has been established – is it firm or has he just been mentioned? Who is the heroine in book 3 and what’s her GMC? What kind of missions do they go on that he thinks he’ll find love? If the only reason he joined is to find love, I think they really, really need to hate each other in the beginning!

Hero4: Is it possible he joined the military to get away from poverty, can’t stand the life, and wants out as soon as possible (hasn’t found the right assignment maybe) so he’s obsessed with saving for once he gets out and he joins the program. But in joining, he finds the “right” place for him. Who is his heroine?

Hi Wendy-

Yes, he will be in all the books. His character has been established by book 3 for sure because he is the BF of the hero in Book 2 (he is more of a minor character in book 1).

Heroine in book 3 is brand new, no one has met her yet. She’s a teacher, a civilian. I haven’t decided if she’s his son’s teacher or if she’s a teacher in the school his son attends. Not sure on her GMC either just yet.

The book isn’t suspense so missions aren’t shown. It’s more about their home life. But he’s a SEAL so he does what SEALs do and trains like they do (gone 260 days of the year pretty much).

Definitely, not hate each other as that is what I did in book 1. That is an enemies to lovers. Book 2 is more of an acquaintances (but they rub each other the wrong way) to lovers. I was thinking if Hero in Book 3 wants to be a good father to his son, there could be conflict from the teacher who might overstep thinking she is helping.


Hero4: Not going to be a SEAL if you join and hate the life. Not the message I want to portray. I was thinking he might have come from poverty and wants to be able to provide for a future family but he never saw a way. Maybe he was smart but not smart enough to get full scholarships (though I’m wondering if these days those are just hard to come by) and his family couldn’t afford to send him to college so he joined the military instead. He actually likes it but he would also know (after seeing people die and get injured), that if he’s discharged he would have nothing to go back to. OR maybe he knew someone who was discharged and ended up being homeless, and coming from poverty doesn’t want to return to it. Hmmm.


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