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Wow, everyone here is cooking with gas! Woohoo!

Congrats on the stellar month, Kathy! You are definitely crushing it!

Mona, that’s an awesome week of writing! I bet it feels good to get so many new words on the page! <This coming from a writer in Editing Hell at the moment 😉>

Dory, I don’t know how you do it with all those classes, but you always get your words in. Your consistency is inspiring!

Way to knock out that writing goal, Mary! And I agree, deadlines can really help with focus. Thanks also, for the heads up on the proposal call from Carina! That would be good to post to the main forum, too. 🙂

My main goal was to set up my Kanban board and Q3 goals, and I got it done. Whew! This week I’m all about the rewrite. Every single day.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!



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