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Shannon Gallagher

From The Heart Romance Writers

June 2019 Social Chair Report:

FB members are responding to welcomes as they come up. Other posts include helpful blogs about the writing industry and good news. Also I posted a reminder about our IG account. Would still like to see more interaction on either FB or the website.

Twitter is running status quo. It’s a bit slow in the social world right now and twitter is a bit less active on the author front. Monthly classes are pinned to our home twitter page.

We’ve started an InstaGram account under fromtheheartrwa. Cheryl Pitones, Laura Ashwood, Claudine Gandolfi, and me (Shannon Gallagher) have been working together on this. I did have a bit of a time getting the tech side to work for me personally but I believe there were no problems with anyone else getting online. We are getting some responses, slowly but surely.


Shannon Gallagher

Social Media Chair



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