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Kathy, that quote made me laugh. I’m picturing an all Hello Kitty room. Yikes!

You are cooking with gas on the word count! 5,690 is awesome!

Sending you lots of good productivity vibes so you can knock out that Camp NaNo goal!


My weekly total is 5690. I’ve been dealing with some personal things that have had me distracted all week. I’m hoping by next weekend to have everything all worked out so I can get on track towards my Camp NaNo goal of 31,000 words. As of tonight I am 1,310 words behind. That means next week by Sunday night I need 6,310 words. Around 1200 words a day average.

I mainly read suspense thriller type books with the romance mixed in. Before when romance novels were all Harlequin sweet romances I never read them. I hated them. I would read action adventure and thriller. I love paranormal and historical, but the ones I read have suspense. I’m just not a fan of straight romance with no thrills and chills lol.

I have to share a paragraph from the book I’m currently reading. I laughed out loud for real. I burst out laughing at it.

No one spoke of going to bed. The guest room Mason was staying in had been attacked by Hello Kitty. It would be fine for sleeping but not for thinking or pacing. The only chair in the bedroom came up to his knees, and he felt bad every time he stepped on the huge kitty-face area rug. (Kendra Elliot – Vanished)


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