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Caro Kinkead

I’ve decided that sprints definitely rule. Thanks to them, I wrote, 23,710 words last week, despite having more than a few interruptions (I understand how you feel, Cheryl). Let me note that I haven’t done a week like this since March, 2003, when I had a job situation where I could seriously write an hour or two at my job.

Big influences are finding my sweet spot for sprints (morning or late in the evening for a bonus one) and being able to focus primarily on the writing until Noon each day. That, and the fact I’m writing seven days a week at this point.

I finished Act III in my book and moved on to Act IV, with “The End” firmly in my sights. Once that’s done, I’ll put it aside and start plotting Book 2 in this series (or re-plotting; I have an old outline that needs tweaking).

Yes, I do read outside my genre and things I’d never write. I read books that are more explicit than I’ll ever write, fantasy, history, true crime — I’ve got the new Mercedes Lackey arriving from Amazon today and I’m going to dive into that. I think it’s important to read as widely as possible because you never know where the ideas come from. Sometimes I read/watch outside my comfort zone just because I need to see different things, or I want to see how the work/don’t work.

Have a good week everyone!



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