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WOW! What a word count, Caro! I can definitely tell that sprints work for you.

I’m the same way with reading outside my genre. Many of my favorite books straddle genres or don’t fit neatly into any particular one. I find it has helped me to not be afraid to write in my own voice. 🙂

Congrats on having THE END in sight!


I’ve decided that sprints definitely rule. Thanks to them, I wrote, 23,710 words last week, despite having more than a few interruptions (I understand how you feel, Cheryl). Let me note that I haven’t done a week like this since March, 2003, when I had a job situation where I could seriously write an hour or two at my job.

Big influences are finding my sweet spot for sprints (morning or late in the evening for a bonus one) and being able to focus primarily on the writing until Noon each day. That, and the fact I’m writing seven days a week at this point.

I finished Act III in my book and moved on to Act IV, with “The End” firmly in my sights. Once that’s done, I’ll put it aside and start plotting Book 2 in this series (or re-plotting; I have an old outline that needs tweaking).

Yes, I do read outside my genre and things I’d never write. I read books that are more explicit than I’ll ever write, fantasy, history, true crime — I’ve got the new Mercedes Lackey arriving from Amazon today and I’m going to dive into that. I think it’s important to read as widely as possible because you never know where the ideas come from. Sometimes I read/watch outside my comfort zone just because I need to see different things, or I want to see how the work/don’t work.

Have a good week everyone!



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