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That was a cute scene, Kathy!

Hope you have a great week. Good luck with your Camp NaNo goal!


Hi Cheryl,
Hope you’re doing better. I know you were sick there for a while.  I’m taking the Plot Bunny Rodeo workshop. I stumbled on GMC. I always get hung up on that. I go I Don’t Know. So, I will read the lesson again and see if I can understand it better.  I’m having a blast with the toddler in this book. She’s almost two now. When the book began she was 16 months old. Feisty and smart, only child around a lot of adults. Of course some of her words are not perfect, because we all know toddlers don’t pronounce things exactly right subbing letters. She says “feef” for feet.  Her mom gave her a quick shower after her nap and let her play with the handheld shower. Needless to say she’s soaked. The hero happens to be visiting and he comes to the bathroom hearing the laughter and squeals. She doesn’t know he’s there until Riley spots him. She calls him “Jus-tin” breaking the word up instead of all one word. Kayla realizes he’s staring at her. Looking in the mirror she sees her now see through shirt and bra.

Here’s what happens next:

“Now, if you will go sit in the living room, I’ll track down the naked toddler running wild through the house and put some clothes on her.”

“I think she’s in the kitchen. Something about a drink.”

“Oh shit. I forgot to lock the ice and water dispenser after I used it. She can drag her little stool over there to stand on. She will have ice and water all over the floor.” Her words were followed by a squeal and the sound of ice hitting the floor. “Riley Jean, get your little booty down from the refrigerator right now. Come here so I can put clothes on you.”

In the kitchen Riley backed against the cabinet shaking her head. “No want cwothes.”

“Really? That’s too bad because without clothes we can’t show Justin the backyard. Plus, you can’t show him how you slide down.” Kayla waited. She never fought Riley. She didn’t let her have her way, instead she’d point out what wouldn’t happen if she didn’t do something Kayla wanted her to do. “Justin, I’m sorry we can’t go check out the backyard since Riley’s decided she’s not getting dressed. I’m going to change my shirt. I will be right back. Can you keep an eye on her for me?”

Right after she finishes changing Riley comes flying into her bedroom with some clothes and her shoes. She gets up on the bed, sticks her foot up in the air and says “sues feef” Kayla tells her they have to start with the naked bottom and work down to the feet.

I revised my Camp NaNo goal because no matter how big the dream it wasn’t happening so I changed it to 25,000 instead of 31,000. Thanks to some great word sprints with my two sometimes three writing buddies I have 6.350 words this past week.

Thank you for letting me ramble on about my toddler in the story.



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