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Kathy Crouch

Kathy here well aware that it is the end of July already and the 25k I lowered my Camp NaNo goal to, isn’t looking promising. I’ve had a couple of days of not feeling good off and on, good old allergies that are year round not just seasonal. Plus, Saturday I made a 6 hour round trip to meet with my step sister, my mother’s husband’s daughter, to accept pictures and slides and photo albums. LOTS of pictures and slides and photo albums, boxes of them. These are family photos. If my niece ever finds her and her family their own home there are many I’m sure she will want. I need to check with the oldest niece-in-law and the middle one too see if they want any of the pictures. At least ones with their husbands and their kids in them. Unfortunately, my mother wasn’t warm and fuzzy so her youngest daughter’s kids and grandkids were strangers. It’s sad in a way too. She had/has lots of pictures of the kids but they barely knew their grandparents. I also asked for my mother’s record albums. These are records that we grew up listening to before we became pop/rock/country music fans lol. Old oldies.

I almost forgot I wrote 2,790 words last week. Sunday made day 230 of year 4 on the 100×100 GIAM loop.


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