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LeAnne Bristow

I’m sorry for the confusion. We tried to make it easier to understand by highlighting the differences, but it appeared it only made it more confusing.

The contest is open to UNPUBLISHED authors. Authors who are published are ineligible to enter, unless it has been more than 3 years since they have been published. OR they have never been published in the genre they are entering.

For example: if you are a published author in contemporary romance, and you have been toying with the idea of writing Paranormal/Sci-Fi romance, this is a good time to enter your Para manuscript and get some feedback.

Or, you hit the jackpot and got a book published in 2016, but have have been unable to sell another book since then (hmmm…sounds like me!) then you are welcome to enter the contest. so if you have been uncontracted and unpublished since August 1, 2016, you may enter.

We are focusing on UNPUBLISHED authors for this contest. We will be adding a new contest for published authors at a later time. Since we were revamping the contest this year it was easier to focus on one at a time right now. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

LeAnne Bristow




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