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Kathy, I do this with emails all the time! But, to be honest, I didn’t even notice the repeated word in yours.

Last week I did manage to write 4,265 words. I lost 1225 words I wrote Thursday night when I opened my word document on Friday they were gone. I did manage to get them all back plus 220 more by the end of Sunday night 08-04-2019. It took me three days to do it. I hated that the words just vanished and I have no idea what I wrote either.

OH NO! That’s awful, Kathy! (Not the writing 4265 words part, the losing them part!) Why did the words vanish like that? Were you able to find out? Since I started using Scrivener, I haven’t had that problem with word processing programs, but my last computer deleted two whole days worth of writing and I hadn’t backed it up. (Smart, huh?) It was so upsetting. Hugs.

Hope this week goes much smoother for you.




I forgot to mention that my inner editor started showing up at work this past week. I was writing an email reply to one of our freight carriers.
“If you have to email the customer and you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please return the item to the nearest return center and send us a return tracking number. I looked at that sentence and said how many times can you use one word in the same sentence? SMH.

So my revised one was:

“If you email the customer…., please send the item to the nearest return center and provide us with a return tracking number.

That same sentence I once used send the item to the return center and send us the return tracking number.

I was thinking dang it repeated word again.  So, I slowed down and put a little more thought into what I was writing. I doubt anyone other than maybe another writer would have caught it.


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