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Kathy Crouch

I think it was something with Word freezing because of MalwareBytes running a scan. Now, I’m hitting save every so often to be safe. It won’t auto save because it’s going into Dropbox instead of my documents or the computer makes no sense to me it used to do it, but anyway.
Scrivener is a dirty word to me. I hate it. I have tried it several times and I will gladly stick with MS Word. I’ve taken workshops on it and it’s still horrible to me. MS has One Note too now that’s sort of like that I think not using it either-lol. Funny thing is I am usually one to try all kinds of new things. I think what I need is someone who knows it inside out to sit down with me and walk me through it. Where I can go “Like this or Like that? I’m confused please show me.”


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