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Kathy Crouch

I’m not an organized person at all. I resemble the term chaos in some ways. I’m a total panster, I’m good with rolling with the flow. I have zero organizational skills. I wish I had some but they seem to have missed me somewhere. My sister was one of those obsessive compulsive people I swear. One time she had a fit because someone had moved the cans around in her pantry. She kept them in a line. All the peas, all the corn, all the whatever, all lined up nice and neat. Jim had apparently moved some looking for something and she had a cow. Well they’re all lined up you can see what they are. I told her we didn’t do it that way and how would he know she did it like that. I was like sheesh get a life lol. We just threw it on the shelf, I still do. No order whatever we have in our hand it goes on the shelf wherever there’s a vacant spot. I never got it why line them all up. She said easier to shop that way. I was like okay I don’t shop that way either. In fact until we moved from east Texas Jim did all the shopping and cooking most of the time since I was working 40 hours a week in a convenience store. I just sit down and write. This story started and I went back and listed names for possible characters besides the hero, heroine and her daughter and her mean ex. It just wanders down the page lol.


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