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Dory, I’m so glad to hear you were cleared! That must have been scary. Hugs.

Sounds like you had a lovely vacation. Too bad your PC decided to take a vacation, too! 🙁 I hope they’re able to get it fixed fast.

Awesome job on the writing this week, too. You’re so wonderfully consistent!


I wrote1845words. Hubby goes back to work today after a months holiday. We were supposed to go to NFLD for the month camping but my heath got in the way. Lots of tests but found a small window in there. And after being clear of blood. Clots in lungs took off to Winnipeg Manitoba. 2day drive each way and 5days there. Lovely time and I came back with several good ideas for stories. Chain still in tact.put when we got home my beloved pc had to go in for repair and tablet won’t let me see the files to our workshops. Anxious to get desktop running again.


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