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Mona, I feel you on the wall. Could it be the project you’re working on? Are you at a weird place in edits? I had a couple of days where I opened my Scrivener scene, looked at the single sentence there, and then closed it again. Just could not move on it. So, last night, I decided to write the end scenes instead. It seemed to do the trick. So far, anyway.

Maybe we need to look at doing a Sprint-in-a-Week again. Sounds like we can all use something to shake us out of our routines. Hmm… 😉

Wishing you a much better week.

If you’re in the mood to sprint, message me on FB! I get the messages even when I’m off FB. I’ve got a dental appointment today, but after that, I’m pretty free. We could set something up. I love a good 20-30 minute writing sprint to get the words flowing.

Anyone here should feel free to FB message me. It helps me, too! 🙂


Everyone’s doing so well in their writing, and I seem to have hit a wall. Did not write a single word. My brain just locked up. I’ve mostly ignored social media and can’t pinpoint anything that’s gobbled up time. I’m frozen.

Cathy, I don’t think it’s your antivirus that’s messing with Word. I think it’s a Word glitch that came with the latest update, because I’ve been getting similar messages about Adobe when I use the “Save as Adobe PDF” option. I tried “Save As” and then chose pdf file and it worked fine. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon.

Now I’m going upstairs to make myself write. (I hope)


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