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Well, I’m fired. LOL I forgot to post my own totals for last week!

I finished my formatting edits (that last Kindle readthrough to make sure there aren’t any huge formatting mistakes) and I wish I had time to stop and celebrate, but I need to keep moving. This week my goal is to watch all my classes on Amazon ads and new releases.

On a personal note, some of you know this hasn’t been the best summer for me. Well, it continues. I have another funeral this weekend. A man I grew up with. Sigh. If anyone has any advice for writing in the storm, so to speak, I’m all ears. It’s storming over here.

Also, if anyone here isn’t my friend on FB and would like to be, this weirdo mermaid looking woman is me: CP Rider  It’s my personal page and is not associated with my FTHRW positions in any way. I enjoy writing sprints and I’m going to need to get cracking pretty quick here, so you’re all welcome to send me a message when you’re sprinting–or let me know if you’d like me to message you! Also, I’m a total night owl, so no worries if it’s late or you’re in another time zone. If I can answer, I will! 🙂 (You can also send me a message without friending me if you like to keep things separate. Look for me on the FTH FB page.)

Wishing you all a great week of writing!



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