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Jessica Jayne

Hi Lisa, Ditto as to what Zara said. Critiques can be overwhelming. First drafts are overwhelming because all first drafts are less than perfect. I’ve learned to really love the feedback I get because the story in my head isn’t always clearly conveyed on paper (so to speak) and critique groups help to see where we’ve fallen a bit short or need to add something.

In the end though – it is your story. I really enjoyed the first two chapters. Are there some areas that may need a little work? Yes – it wouldn’t be a first draft otherwise. I often take several days to let the critiques sink in and then spend some time at my desk revising the story to be better – taking what I want from the critiques and leaving that which doesn’t feel like the story I’m creating. 🙂

Can’t wait to read more.

Jessica Jayne
Sexy Stories with Heart
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