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Linda, I’m so excited for you! It’s fun working with a cover artist. When I got my cover the book really started to feel like a “book” to me.

I thought it was you who mentioned the end of August. I’m sorry I’m not on the ball. August was a strange month for me. Hopefully, you’ll join in when you can in September. I’m sure we’ll have at least one sprint that will work! 🙂

Have a great week!


Absolutely agree with that quote and  started applying it to my life this year.

Good week writing, EXCITING week. I’m doing another semi-final pass on the Christmas novella I want to release this Thanksgiving, and I’m working with a book cover designer. The release and book cover are firsts for me.

Finished a blog post for a group I’m with, too. I plan to keep hitting 25 minutes a day (and more when possible) on my edits this week.

I voted for the last week of August for the sprint, but I’ll join in either of the September weeks when possible.



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