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Kathy, I can totally work with that. I bet we have a few night owls here. Late-night sprints are fun!

Sounds like your story is going well, even if the toddler is stealing the show. 🙂 Nice word count this week!


Hey Cheryl, I think it might work depends on when Labor Day is here in the US. I think it’s way early this year like maybe 2 September? I just checked the calendar on my laptop yeppers, 2 September is Labor Day this year here in the US.

I don’t write much during the day except on the weekends. And that’s Friday and Saturday for me. I seem to do best late at night. I still think it goes back to working 2-midnight four nights a week at the convenience store and then 3-11 and 11-7 (overnight).

My word count for this week was 3,950. I think the toddler has stolen the book in this story. I suppose she will be edited out eventually, but she’s a blast to write.



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