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Kathy Crouch

I’m not organized enough to do one of those boards. I think for me the 100×100 has been a blessing because I have days that I’m tired and just want to go to bed. But, I still have to write my 100 words. Funny story.  One of the times I had to take Jim to the emergency room they care flighted him to Waco about 65 miles away. Turned out he had bacterial pneumonia. I got home from the hospital really late that night. We were living with my sister at that time.  I was dragging towards the stairs. My sister and her husband had asked me the details and I filled them in. Then I said I still have to write my 100 words. I never thought about it until they asked. They thought it was like a list of 100 words I had to write.  I was like no I have to write 100 words in the book I’m writing.

Funny now but then I was like how did you get that idea? I talked about my writing all the time. I was working on my NaNo novel on 11-30-2011 the day he died. Needless to say I didn’t make the 50,ooo words. I did get a bunch and that day I had over 100. I just found the spreadsheet in my Dropbox for that year I had 49,454 words. I did not realize I was that close to the win that day.



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