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Hugs to you, Kathy. I can’t imagine the pain you went through.

Sometimes clinging to routine can be soothing, especially during times when life doesn’t seem to make any sort of sense. I think the main thing with productivity and routine is to find what works for you. Maybe a Kanban board doesn’t suit you the same way a journal doesn’t suit me no matter how hard I try to make it happen.

That’s why it’s good for everyone to post about the ways they’ve found success in productivity. You never know, the thing that helped you might just be the answer someone else has been desperately searching for. 🙂


I’m not organized enough to do one of those boards. I think for me the 100×100 has been a blessing because I have days that I’m tired and just want to go to bed. But, I still have to write my 100 words. Funny story.  One of the times I had to take Jim to the emergency room they care flighted him to Waco about 65 miles away. Turned out he had bacterial pneumonia. I got home from the hospital really late that night. We were living with my sister at that time.  I was dragging towards the stairs. My sister and her husband had asked me the details and I filled them in. Then I said I still have to write my 100 words. I never thought about it until they asked. They thought it was like a list of 100 words I had to write.  I was like no I have to write 100 words in the book I’m writing.

Funny now but then I was like how did you get that idea? I talked about my writing all the time. I was working on my NaNo novel on 11-30-2011 the day he died. Needless to say I didn’t make the 50,ooo words. I did get a bunch and that day I had over 100. I just found the spreadsheet in my Dropbox for that year I had 49,454 words. I did not realize I was that close to the win that day.



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