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Merien Grey

Good morning everyone!

We are preparing for our webinar to begin in about an hour and a half. We have a considerable number of new members since the last webinar so I wanted to drop in early and let everyone know how it will work.

At about 9AM Pacific I will post a link and some other information to get to a virtual “classroom”. The webinar will begin at 10AM but you can “click in” anytime then mute yourself until class starts if you like so if any problems arise we have time to try to fix them. For the vast majority of you you can simply click on the link. You will be asked to download a plug-in (not a full suite of software), please say yes, and the window will pop open and there you will be. As soon as the webinar is over you can remove the plug in if you like. It is small and only facilitates the window opening on your machine. Your window will open with you muted so you don’t disturb anything already going on. Look to the lower left of your screen and you will see a microphone icon. If you want to talk simply click it and everyone can hear you. There is also a video icon right beside it. If you are uncomfortable with being seen you can click that as well and we will only see a stock photo the software contains or one you have loaded if you have attended a webinar with us before. The video will be visible almost instantly but the audio feed takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes to stabilize, if your feed sounds weird when you click in give it a few minutes, everyone’s machine is different and how long this takes depends in each person’s equipment, not the software. So please be patient and it will normally smooth out just fine.

During the webinar if you are not muted and there is noise in the background I will mute you.

If you have internet that is a little slow you may wish to ask family members to avoid things like streaming video, streaming live feeds, or downloading large files during the class.

If the video freezes, give it a moment and it will typically snap back to where ever we are momentarily. This happens if the user has slow internet or not enough internet to carry the signal well (see previous line). Normally, this happens when someone is watching Netflix or something similar in another room 🙂 Be aware, if the VIDEO freezes the AUDIO does not. So if you are not muted you can still be heard quite well 😀 I will have an email screen up while I am moderating. If you have an issue, email me ( and I will see what we can do to troubleshoot whatever is happening without disturbing the class.

Please be a few minutes early. I close the sessions to members joining at the scheduled start. Each time someone joins there is a ping and notification to other members. This is fine prior to class, but distracting to all once we begin. Therefore, I will close the class. If you are late you will get a message that you can’t join. This is why.

Our webinars can also be accessed via audio if you can’t, or don’t wish to make the video session. The invitation I will post here in a bit will have call in instructions as well. That is just fine too.

I am “here” and available for questions already. You can email me direct at if you have any questions about how this will go.

Quick reminder that the class handout is attached to the post Cheryl did last night.

See you all soon and welcome to our Fall Webinar Series!!

Warm Regards,



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