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Thanks, Ana. I’ll give a quick overview if it’s not enough ask away. Thanks for trying!

I’ve entered the opening to this story in the Maggie and the Sheila. I won the Sheila for romantic suspense category and I’m a finalist in the Maggie. I won’t hear on the final result until Oct 5th.

Eden=Heroine. Grew up as a street kid in Dallas. Left that life at 18 and tried to leave the past and the petty criminal activity behind.

Liam=Hero. Ex-cop, a widowed father of 2 young kids. He is a huge helicopter dad at the start of the book.

Jared=Eden’s brother. He never physically shows up in this book. But his actions prior to the book opening drive everything in the story. Jared has been lured into bigger and bigger criminal activities — he got sucked into that life with Smoke

Smoke=Eden and Jared’s best friend from the streets.

RJ=son of one of the biggest drug cartel leaders (Rudy Sorell) He runs the crew that Jared and Smoke are part of.

Smoke betrays both Jared and Eden. The story opens with her running from Smoke and RJ and she has an accident in rural MN where the hero, Liam finds her. She has amnesia for the majority of the story. Vague memories return over the course of the book. RJ and Smoke tracked her down and have been watching her and Liam’s family. Slowly terrorizing them. Until she realizes whatever is happening is because of her.

She remembers her brother and Smoke in the scene before this one. She reaches out to Jared with no answer, when she calls Smoke he answers and tells her they’ve been looking for her. He gives her an address in an abandoned warehouse in a neighboring town.

This is her going to the meeting and when the memories return. Hope this makes some sense.


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