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Belle Williams

Hi Cathy,

I understand totally about the wasp! We had a bat in our house this past week and every night when I usually write, it would come out and freak me out so I didn’t get a lot done. One night, one of our cats was staring at something up on the wall and it turned out it was the bat hanging on the curtain rod! Love those cats! We ended up getting the darn thing, thank goodness! Now I can get back to writing.

Funny about the suspense too Cathy. I have 5 or 6 stories going right now because I can’t seem to concentrate on just one for very long. One of the ones I started recently wasn’t meant to be suspense but it somehow has turned into kind of a suspense romance but it’s the one story that I’ve been getting the most words on lately lol.

Have a great week!



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