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Zara West

Here is CH 15 of Hooked by Love.  This is a sweet, small town contemporary set in Nova Scotia. For the new people in our group here is the blurb. All comments deeply appreciated.  Zara



Cat Silva loves broiled salmon as much as the next person. But the quirky marine biologist doesn’t like how fish farming pollutes the ocean. So, leaving the big city and her overbearing momma behind, she heads off to Southwind Harbor, Nova Scotia to prove her point.

Single dad, Alex Harris, is in line for the lucrative head security position at Cowling Fish Farms. As sole support for his five-year-old daughter, Alex’s promotion can come none too soon.

Determined to show his boss he can handle the job, Alex sets out to investigate reports of a scuba diver hanging around the fish pens, never expecting to find an irresistible woman with pink hair.

From the instant they meet, the attraction is stronger than a hooked tuna on the line. Cat is stubborn, opinionated, and despite her attraction to the handsome security officer, determined to get her water samples. Still recovering from the death of his wife, Alex has no room in his life for a flamboyant city girl whose research may close down the fish farm he relies on for income. Nevertheless, they can’t stay away from each other.

But when Cat’s investigation derails, Alex must decide between pursuing his dream of financial security or face down his fears and risk losing everything for the woman he and his daughter have come to love.




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