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This is a contemporary romance, right? What’s the heat level?

I’m kind of liking “Her Inner Vixen” if it’s sexy, but that wouldn’t work for a “clean” romance.

“Heart Improvement” or “Heart Improvement Project”

“This Old Heart” – This one ages me. But I find Norm soothing in a Bob Ross way. 😉

I’m stuck on hearts for some reason. 🥰


I found a synopsis I wrote years ago and I really want to work on that story but I’m one of those people who needs a title before I can write a story. I have it filed as His Girl Friday, but that sucks. LOL

The little description needs work too, but it is a start for me.

The story takes place on a home improvement show.  Fred (Fredericka) is sure she is in line to become the show’s main carpenter, until the producer announces, due to demographics, they need to bring in eye candy, namely former model, Colin Shaw.

Colin is easy on the eyes but he is all thumbs when it comes to hammers and saws.  The show uses Fred’s hard work to make  Colin look good in front of the cameras.  She tries to hate the man who stole her job, but slowly she learns to respect him in spite of his clumsy attempts at carpentry.

Fred’s has spent her life being one of the boys, but with Colin’s arrival she wants to be noticed by the boys instead.  With the help of the show’s hostess, Fred discovers every woman has the power to be a showstopper inside her.  But will it be enough to get Colin’s attention?  And once she releases her inner vixen, will she be content to still be his girl Friday, or will she want more?

Thanks, Amanda/Jill



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