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Kimberly Ford

I wanted to edit the original and I’m not sure how. I’m thinking along these lines.

Hero, Max, is in West Point, maybe a sr. girlfriend is pregnant. WP, I believe it’s still this way, students can’t be married or have legal custody of children. So, he is going to drop out. Dad, who Max has always looked up, can’t have that and convinces the girlfriend Max wants nothing to do with her or the baby and writes her a check to go away. She disappears.

Max finds out and is furious. He drops out anyway, looks for the girl, and either he can’t find her, or he finds her and she tells him she lost the baby, was never pregnant, it was all a hoax something… devesated he joins the Marines (father can’t stand Marines). Goes on with life, becomes a doctor. Depending on how it plays out with girlfriend, he is wounded by her betrayal and the father’s betrayal.

Present day, a lady and young girl show up in his Apt complex or the hosptial, something, and they strike up a friendship. However, Max is unaware this woman sought him out. She is the bestfriend of his ex. The ex died (probably natural causes or maybe at the hand of her abusive husband) anyway this woman now has the little girl. She seeks out Max, who is the father. Abusive man follows, Max must safe the day. ????



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