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Kimberly Ford

HI Kim,

Sorry I’m a little late, but Wendi has given you some fabulous ideas and I can see why you’re torn between the two scenarios. I have this problem a lot. I get 2 great ideas and instead of trying to develop 2 different stories, I try to combine them into one. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a 3rd story in this series that can focus more on one of the scenarios.

I’m a sucker for secret baby stories myself. In today’s day and age, the heroine has to have a really, really, really good reason not to tell the hero about the baby. I think you’ve set that up well. And I think the father paying the woman off and having her leave the hero is pretty dishonorable. (You can save the juicy “father gets kicked out for betrayal” for another story???)

I like that she’s on the run from the mother’s ex, but why does he chase her? Does she have info on him, maybe shared by the baby’s mother? Is he involved in some kind of criminal organization or something?

Sounds like a great story!

Thanks, LeAnne. Great thoughts.

I worked with two of my fabulous local peeps to try and flesh this all out a bit more. I think I have something stronger. Still needs work, but should address your questions.

I have to work out the kinks, and I’ll post later, but I think it works.


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