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Monday-Friday I will run 1 HOUR sprints at these times. (See if you’re in a time zone not listed here.)

  • 9am PDT/10am CDT/11am MDT/12pm EDT
  • 11am PDT/12pm CDT/1pm MDT/2pm EDT
  • 7pm PDT/8pm CDT/9pm MDT/10pm EDT


These times work for me, but they might not work for you. They may work for you sometimes. Join in when you can! Please call your own sprints throughout the week, too. No matter how early or late, even if it’s only you sprinting. Put them out there!

I’ll likely call extra ones during the week, but I commit to doing these. Note that I have nothing on the weekend. I wanted to leave that open to call random sprints. 🙂 If any of you can post a regular daily sprint, list it here! If you can only sprint at midnight every night this week for a half-hour, post it here! We do have night owls in the group. 🦉I only ask that you be present for the sprints that you call.

Feel free to break them up however you like. For the one hour ones, I usually sprint for 20 minutes, take a break, then sprint for another 20 minutes. But some people like that full hour, so I do it by the hour.

Getting excited!!



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