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Mona and Erin: You’ve made me curious about that tool. Does it cost anything to use? Is it a program?

Also, any writing is writing, in my opinion. If SIAW is helping you focus on your writing in any capacity then it’s doing its job. 🙂

Mary: I do the same three sprints every day and we’ve done a few extra. I post the sprints in the daily SIAW post. (Be sure you’re subscribed to this post so you get it) I tend to buckle down at night when the house is quiet, but I sprint at lunchtime, too. If your lunch is at noon, that would be 2pm here. I can totally sprint with you during that time! Post here and let me know.

So, my word count for today was 2161. Not bad, but not what I’m reaching for. Hopefully, I’ll have a clearer head tomorrow. Today was one thing after another and that can sometimes throw me for a loop.

See you all tomorrow!



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