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Ana Morgan

Hi Carla, I’ve done big expo-arena shows and small Community Ed-PTA-organized craft shows. IMO, Zara is absolutely right about the big-entry-fee arena shows. You idle in a line of of vehicles until it’s your turn to unload, unload merchandise and displays as fast as you can, often using venue-provided 8-foot long push carts, and pull out so others can do the same.

I much prefer the laid-back-ness of smaller shows, so that’s all I do now. I arrive as early as possible to get a good parking spot as close to the door as possible and haul in loads on a cart I bring. Then I lock my truck and focus on setting up. Latecomers park in front of entrance doors because their parking spots are way far away, and jostling displays and goods across a pot-holed school parking lot takes time they definitely don’t have. So, IMO, your story fit the smaller show situation. I don’t know if this is how you envisioned it, but it’s how i did.



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