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Hi Kathy:

Oh no! Sorry you missed the sprints, but it looks like you had a great week, anyway. Nice totals there!

In last week’s check-in post, I explained how to sign up for SIAW. Also, I mentioned it in this post a few times. I would have emailed you when I saw you hadn’t posted, but I remembered you telling me you had to work, so I thought perhaps it didn’t work out this time. I didn’t want you to feel pressured.

Next time, if you see you aren’t getting the notices, email me directly and I’ll help you. I’m happy to help out!

And ugh. That “spint” typo is so annoying. I need to slow down… 😉




What if we didn’t do any of the sprints? I didn’t receive any notices about them being held. I did write every day. I always do though.

Here’s my words for the week:

Mon 09-09-2019- 315 words

Tues 09-10-2019 -300 words

Wed 09-11-2019 – 135 words

Thurs 09-12-2019- 315 words

Friday 09-13-2019 – 525 words

Saturday 09-14-2019 – 780 words

Sunday 09-15-2019 -1,030 words

Grand total for the week = 3400 even 🙂


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