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Kimberly Ford

Medical school graduates are entered in a nationwide draft (similar to football) for residency. Medical centers select graduates based on graduates’ stated preference for emphasis or specialty, and graduates wait on pins and needles until they learn who has selected them.

My niece was in her residency in family practice. She was picked to go to a hospital/clinic Salt Lake City.

I don’t know if you can drop out and go back due to emergency.

Thanks, Ana. I had the first part of your information. I’ve been researching it, but I couldn’t find out what happens if you drop out.

Maybe, his goal is to simply avoid romantic relationships. Good looking doctor, all the women want him, he doesn’t trust anyway. He wants relationships with no strings attached. Just brainstorming. That would be his preliminary goal, per Michael Hauge, his goal at the first major turning point becomes keeping his newfound daughter and the heroine alive.


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