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Hi everyone! I just realized I didn’t post a goal last week, so I guess that means I exceeded my expectations by writing 2441 words. The stupid mental block is gone…finally. Maybe all the rain washed it away.

I wasn’t able to write from Friday to Sunday because I made my hubby go to emergency care before his foot fell off. Just kidding. It was too swollen to fall off, and it’s been that way since early July. His doctor x-rayed it and said she didn’t see any broken bones so he figured it was related to his diabetes. They x-rayed his foot again at emergency care and found two broken bones right above his middle toes. We ended up staying there all day and night so they could give him antibiotics IV. Happily, he’s doing better, and I did get to write this morning before working on the lawnmower.

My goal for this week is an optimistic 3000 words.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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