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Dory, your post cracked me up! You have to put that in a book. It’s hilarious!

Sounds like you had a great week. 🙂


Hello my peeps.

I wrote 1965 words this week. I am now 1 year on my chain as of yesterday. I am working on 2 new classes from Future learn.

I attended the last of the big antique shows of the season here on Sat. Just picked up a few bits of jewelry. and a pocket watch for hubby as he collects them.

I have been doing battle with my wisteria and raspberry bushes. They are on opposite ends of my porch but have formed an alliance against us non-plant-based life-forms. Our meter man is terrified of the raspberries and Sunday I cut them back to the ground. The wisteria has been trying to get into our door and somehow did manage to get a few tindrels between the screen door and the wood door. Because I’ve been pruning it back it  grew under the porch and emerged on the other side befriended by the raspberries and is making its way to the middle, where we sit and have coffee. I will have to cut the whole plant down soon or face a situation ala “Day of the Triffids” If you don’t hear from me you know they got me. (lol)

Thank-goodness the “wild”flowers in the backyard are tame ( or are they just biding their time?)

Anyways that’s been my week, Hope everyone had a productive time.





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