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Kathy Crouch

Good thing you posted this tonight I completely forgot last night. I did KOD’s BIAW last week. I set a goal of 3500. But I worked until midnight last Monday night, more overtime Tuesday night, was already a zombie from Monday night. Then another night I worked over. I was scheduled 35.5 hours and worked 46.? something. No wonder I was tired. I wrote more a week ago Sunday than I did all week. I had 1250 words for the week.  A little over 178 words per day average. I have this thing it has to end on 0 or 5. I call it even. My niece got it. We stopped one time for gas and she pumped it for me and got back in the car talking about rounding it out to .05 to make it even. I was like YES! I get it that’s my writing it has to be 0 or 5 if not I keep going it helps sometimes to increase that word count by a lot.

My heroine has been kidnapped. But not by an agent of her ex husband. Someone totally out of the realm walked into the story and grabbed her. Did not see him coming at all. So now, I’m going with the flow.


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