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Revision words count! At least they do in my book. Glad you had a productive week, Vicki!

To answer your question, I write around 300-500 words an hour when I’m not sprinting. Below are the results of my latest sprints. I’ve increased my daily word count to 4000, though this is a draft count, so it’s naturally going to be higher than a rewrite count.

  • 10 min – 369 words
  • 15 min – 529 words
  • 20 min – 714 words
  • 30 min – 1047 words

Sprints definitely work for me. 🙂


I picked up about 500 words last week, but it was all from revisions. I decided I needed to strengthen my MC’s GMC and play up the character flaws/wrong lessons learned to make her behavior in later chapters believable. Instead of moving forward and chasing my mistakes, I decided it would be worthwhile to go back to the beginning.

Even though I didn’t hit by 2500 word goal, I still consider it a productive week. This week I’m shooting for 1500 words and to finish the revisions—four and a half chapters until I’m caught up.

I’ve been doing 10, 15, and 20-minute sprints. Tracking to see what my wph (words per hour) is.

Just curious, how do you find the sprints compare to sitting down and trying to write for an hour straight?



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