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I missed you, Linda! Glad you’re back! And congrats on turning in your MS to the editor. Are you excited/anxious about it?

I’m into gamification. (I love stickers, too. LOL) If I can turn something into a game or a competition, I will do more, and that’s what the Pomodoro technique does for me. I love to “beat” my past word counts.


I’ve missed updating here for a few weeks, but I’ve hit my target every day. Today I turned in my “final” draft to my copy editor!

Now what do I do? 🙂 Just kidding, I have another WIP to get back to–one that needs more plot work, sigh.

Cheryl, Pomodoro really helped me increase my writing time. I loved that I wasn’t watching the clock and breaking my focus any more. I just set the timer and trust that the little chime will let me know when I’ve reach that session’s goal.



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