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I hit my goal this week. 20, 747 words! It was down to the wire, let me tell ya.

This week my goal is 14K words and I may adjust it in order to start re-editing the book that’s supposed to be released in November. I kept thinking I had so much time… HA.

Also, I have a newsletter to put together and that takes a lot of time.

Plus a board meeting and a chapter meeting. (Be sure to pop into the chapter meeting on the Main Forum to see what’s new in FTH! 😁 )

The week after next is going to be straight-up bonkers for me. My mom is having eye surgery and I’m taking care of her, plus I’m going on a laptop-free mini-vacation! So, I might not be around much. Be sure to encourage one another! Lots of back pats and ❤️ all around. 😀

Hope you all have a productively wonderful week!





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