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Carla Ward

Read this first. 10/9/19

I read somewhere on here we can submit around 4000 words a week. Since chapters 5 and 6 are a little shorter, I’ve decided to put them both up today. Total of around 3,400 words.

For convenience, I’ve attached chapters 5 and 6 to this post. I did post chapter 5 already, so if you downloaded that file that’s okay. It’s the same as this one.

Here’s the recap of chapter 4….

  • Leslie discovered she’d missed the last premium payment for her liability insurance. Her policy has lapsed as a result, and she has to call customer service to get it reinstated. It costs extra to do that, and since the check she was expecting (from Mrs. Crumbsfield) doesn’t come, she’s in the red.
  • Brock gets a call from Phoodie TV. He’s been chosen to compete on the show Elite Cake Artist. Trouble is, the woman he’d put on his application as his partner is no longer available. So now he’s desperate to track down Leslie to ask her.


As always, help me find places to clarify, tighten, and strengthen. Thanks in advance!




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