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I’m very late in posting here, but I didn’t start keeping track of my writing until toward the end of last month (September). Prior to that, I was just writing whenever I go ta chance to sit down and write.

Now, I’m keeping track on an Excel spreadsheet. My goal is to write for two to three hours each day. Some days I only write an hour. Most days I write at least two hours.

Besides actual writing, I spent time yesterday and the day before researching markets for flash fiction. I’ve been writing short romances (800 words) for Woman’s World Magazine since September, 2o18, so I’ve had plenty of practice writing short fiction that fits within the word count for flash fiction. This magazine gets 4,000 submissions for short romances every month, so getting published here is very competitive. But they did publish one of my stories. However, I submitted many more than that. I finally decided I was figuratively “banging my head against the wall,” and that the acceptance ratio to the number of stories I’ve submitted makes it not worthwhile to keep submitting stories here. So, now I’m researching other markets for short fiction.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on writing romance and women’s fiction novels. I have one WIP that I’m working on and one completed novel that I’m editing and revising.


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