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Hi, Cheryl,

I have thought about compiling all the short romances I wrote for Woman’s World Magazine into an anthology. I wrote 72 short romances that I submitted to WW and the bought one of them. So, I’ve got 71 just sitting in my computer. Might as well do something with them.

Even the writers who have sold multiple stories to this magazine point out the majority of what they write doesn’t bet picked up by WW. Some of them posted in the FB group that we belong to for WW writers how many they’ve sold to the magazine and when they started submitting stories. Their sales to WW average about one to two stories a year.  One of the ladies has sold 36 stories to this magazine and started submitting in 1989.  So the odds of having this magazine buy multiple stories from any one author in a year are slim. Very slim.

It’s been very good practice for me writing these stories, though. It’s really sharpened my writing skills.

Now, back to productivity, I’m finding keeping an Excel spreadsheet where I keep track of my daily time spent writing is really helping me. Now, I’m pushing to write at least 3 hours a day. I do so in shorter blocks of time, usually anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at a time and do enough blocks so they total at least 3 hours.



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