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I sent you all the wish I needed for myself. Hoping karma does its thing. haha

So, I had a big word count goal because I thought my editing would go more smoothly. Well, that didn’t work out. Still editing so I back-burnered the new project. I even canceled my dev edit in November because I’m behind. Once I moved it, though, I felt so much better!
I’m still learning how long writing takes me, start to finish, so I’m okay with myself. Just tired and frazzled. 🙂

Edits this week. I have a beta read to go over, plus I decided to pull out an entire chapter, so now I have to go back in and thread the essential details from that chapter through my story. Thankfully, there weren’t a ton–which is why I cut it.

Edits every day until this sucker is done. After that, I’ll be setting up a promotion, preorder, and newsletter, so I’ll just be logging hours for a while, I guess.
GOAL: Four 100% dedicated edit hours a day.



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