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Trisha Tunis

So is everyone getting ready for tomorrow? Come on, let’s get your write on!

Here’s the list updated so far.

Kestra Sutton,
Trish (Have I got you down twice?)

Evelyn Timidaiski,

Michelle “Sunny”

Miranda Darrow

Tina Newcomb,

Juliette Hyland.

Zara West

Kathy Crouch

Elise Erickson,

Erin Parisien,

Jill James,

Jamie Nare,

Laura Ashwood

Sammi, samsamiamam.

Trisha Tunis, Rysalka,

Shannon Gallagher

Kathryn Bland,

Kestra Sutton,

Elise Erickson,
Jamie Nare,


Hey there! This is the Trisha Tunis-that isn’t my email (might be another Trisha out there?)-it’s 🙂 Nano Name is Rysalka. (add away everyone!!)

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