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This coming week, I will be attempting to increase the time that I devote to writing. I am keeping an Excel spread sheet in which I keep track of the hours that I write and how much time I spend on each project. I include writing on each story or novel I’m working on and also the time I spend researching.

I felt like I was doing better than I am, but when I divided the total time I spent writing in October by 31 days, it only came out to a little less than 2 hours a day. I want to increase my time to 3 hours a day.

I’m also looking to diversify my writing in hopes of increasing my chances of selling some writing. So far, I’ve only sold one short romance to Woman’s World Magazine. So, I’m branching out to short fiction and flash fiction and have identified markets for these types of writing. I’ve submitted three flash fictions and two short stories.

I’m also thinking about writing personal essays (if I can think of anything interesting to write about) and have identified markets for this as well.

If I can manage to sell some short or flash fiction, , that will boost my “desirability” as an author when I submit my novels to agents and publishers.



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