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Good catch, Shirley! I don’t want to miss Merien’s class. Can everyone do November 14 at 5pm instead? If not, give me a day you can attend. Thanks.

Still need to hear from Arel before I make it official.

Also, Shirley, if you want to vote on, or discuss, the Cyber Rose award, feel free to email board members directly. One email with all of us on there and a reminder to “reply all.” (Feel free to email me if you have more questions.)


I just noticed that Merien’s class is at 5:00 on Wed. 13th. Is that still on? We could then either wait until the 20th or have the board meeting the next day on Thurs. 14th and chapter on Fri. 15th.

PS. I don’t know why the time is off, but the time for me posting this is 12:41 pm PST


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