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You all have some good tips! I use that 10 minute one, too, Linda.
I think tracking is the biggest gamechanger for me productivity-wise. I’m fiercely competitive with myself and don’t like to fail. I don’t track on Excel–Although that’s an awesome idea, Jeanne!–I track on my calendar, as it works for me. For now. Everything is subject to change if it stops working.
Hugs, Kathy. I know how you feel about focus. My lack of it lately is bugging me.

Awesome wording this week, Dory and Bella!

I only got in 5 days of editing. My goal was 7. I have a new beta read to import into my story and a proofreader waiting on me. Ordinarily, I love this part of editing, but I’m feeling the time crunch as this is a busy month for the chapter. So, my goal is to edit until it’s done and put together my newsletter. It’s not an easily quantifiable goal, but I’ll do my best. 🙂

I read everything you all post and I’m rooting for you all! Wishing you NaNoers word count success!


Vicki: Check out for easy tracking. No need to pay. The free version works great! (I have no affiliation with the site, I just like it.) I found it helped me. 🙂


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