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Jeanne, I love to hear about the ways you market your fiction.

Thanks for the contest and library tips, too! Be sure to (in the US) sign up for a library card for city as well as county libraries. In CA, you can go to any town and sign up! So many wonderful things in a library. Ours used to have access to the online Oxford dictionary, which is $30 a month for the rest of us.

Isn’t it fun to try new writing lengths? I want to try flash fiction. Trying to wrap my brain around the process.


I’m keeping track of the amount of time that I write each day on an Excel spreadsheet. My goal is to write a minimum of two hours a day, but preferably more. So far, this week, I have met or exceeded this goal. Most days were three or more hours a day. I’m revising my contemporary romantic women’s fiction to improve it and find that this takes a lot out of me. I’m attempting to “world build” and to flesh out my characters based on what I’ve been learning in the RWA workshops I’ve taken and in the Gale Course on romance writing that I’m taking.

A note for our members – most public libraries have access to these Gale Courses.¬† They are free to library card holders. They’re a wonderful resource. They have courses on writing. I’m currently taking the romance writing course. The next session I’ll be taking a course called “Effective Editing.”¬† I also signed up for a magazine writing course, which I’m taking in January. You can sign up for four session periods at a time and you can take more than one course in each session, although if you’re busy you might not want to sign up for more than one course per session.

There are many other courses in addition to writing. They are all free. Can’t beat that. I highly recommend them.

Last item as far as goals. This really wasn’t a goal because I hadn’t planned to to this, but I entered two of my short stories in contests. For anyone who’s writing short stories, Writers Digest Magazine and The Writer Magazine¬† are running contests right now. There’s a $25 entry fee for each one.

After having gotten a lot of practice writing short stories for Woman’e World Magazine, I decided to diversify and send stories to flash fiction and short story markets. So, I had some short stories written and ready to go when I got notified by email about these two contests. I get emails from them because I have subscriptions for these magazines.



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